About Us :

Since 2009, SOLRT INC Company has succeeded in achieving remarkable growth that has contributed to consolidating its position as a leading group of companies for private investments. It is a leading company in providing electronic services through its involvement in the digital market activity, as an American companies registered in The state of Wyoming, which includes companies operating in the most prominent growth sectors in the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and America, at the present time, “SOLRT INC” conducts its business through a group of commercial activities, the most important of which are summarized as follows:

SOL Hosting Company

The company provides hosting services and solutions for private websites or companies around the world and helps people and companies get their websites easily to engage in the digital market activity in addition to file upload services on the spaces that it provides to its customers through our website www.solwebhosting.com, providing web hosting solutions Reliable, scalable and secure for individuals and businesses, marketing, selling and converting online.

Our shared hosting plans are reliable, scalable and affordable; we have a plan to suit every hosting needs from blogs, ecommerce storefronts and custom websites.


GIGTUP Company

This company was launched to act as a commercial broker for electronic services and a guarantor of customer rights with electronic service providers around the world through our website www.gigtup.com


This website, which is available on the Internet through the private website www.shazaia.com, in addition to the availability of copies of smart phones, but from Android and Apple devices, which provides the opportunity for users to upload videos and share them with friends, in addition to interacting and communicating through the messaging service between friends.


SOL Media Company (SOL Radio and TV)

The media is one of the most important tools globally to reach the largest possible segment of the world to deliver and provide services and knowledge, as our radio services and solutions for electronic broadcasting services were launched, radio, most notably the Holy Quran Radio, SOLRT Europe Radio, SOLRT India Radio, SOLRT TV, SOLRT News, Trade News, Petunia City news website, Country Business Directory.

Solrt offers a range of electronic services to its customers to facilitate the implementation of their business, including online Photoshop, online Painter, Electronic billing system service, in addition to accessing SOLRT INC Games through our main website www.solrt.com

Legal and electronic services in addition to the services of registration and licensing of companies in the United States of America and the opening of bank accounts for companies.

Providing ESIM smart phone line services through phone numbers from around the world with monthly subscriptions in addition to the WhatsApp service and providing the voice mail service for your companies in divisions that suit the commercial activities and services they provide in all the languages ​​you need,